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July, 28 2006 - Bidding for Broward WishMakers Batchelors & Bachelorettes

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Amreen De Hall & Janet Langfur, Chairperson, 8th Annual Make-A-Wish Bachelor/Bachelorette Auction Calvin Marshall, handsome bachelor number 12, strikes a pose sure to fetch big bucks for a date with him! Dewar's 12, an event sponsor, had Dewar's beuties pouring straight scotch cocktails. Gnarly Charlie and Julie Guy, Coast 97.3FM deejays and auction hosts, added fun and levity to the event.
Kimberly Springer is one of the beautiful women that agreed to be auctioned to raise funds for Make-A-Wish Foundation. Daniela de Miranda has a winning attitude as she sashays down the runway. Laurie Russo is not only pretty but her magnetic personality shines on stage. Shawn Sackman is fun and charming as he offers his winning bidder a fun date.
Brenda Yester is all smiles. Brenda Yester's enthusiasm and good spirit livens up the crowd. Lewis Fineberg is the mystery man in black as he walks the line of the runway for his winning date. Stephen Wechsler is tall, dark and handsome.
Kellie Dahar shows her fetching figure as she is put on the auction block. Gerard Colins is suave and sophisiticated. It ttook three women to make the final winning bid for handsome bachelor Rob Martin Brian Humphreys is definitely a charmer. Watch out ladies!
Host Julie Guy pokes fun at herself while Gnarly Charlie prepares for the next bachelorette. Signage at the Event The ladies line up to look and bid for their favorite bachelor. Although the Gryophon Nighlclub was filled to capacity, some ladies got a great seat on the floor by the runway.
Guests Steve Alloco & Joe Gonzalez jest that they are "the most eligible millionaire bachelors not being auctioned off". Kip Windham dances for the ladies. Daniela de Miranda. Bachelor Armando Sancemi is cute, shy and charming. The winning bidder is sure to enjoy her time with him.
Andre Brown has all the moves! Laurie Russo gets the crowd clapping with her bubbly personality. Sandra Veszi & Randall Vitale, volunteeers with WishMakers. John Spence, representing Dewar's, and the Dewars girls who served Dewar's 12 Scotch.
Shaughn Miller, Angela Zimmerhakl & Doug Bandman, volunteers Kip Windham celebrates his high bid. Armando Sancerni seems to be saying "hey, take a chance with me". Andre Brown.
Gnarly Charlie & Laurie Russo. The winner of a date with Laurie Russo. Host Julie Guy with Bachelor Coutenay Wang. The crowd applauds a winning bid for Courtenay Wang.
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