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February, 05 2009 - Symphony of the America's 2009 Women of Style of Substance

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Josie Bacallao, Margaret Delmont-Sanchez Lesleen Bolt & Stephen A. Keller - Honoree Michelle Tuggle - Honoree Honorees: KayeLynne Northcutt, Anne Hotte & Josie Bacallao
Joan Studwell, Steven Schmeidel & Sandra Booth Helena Caplan, Barbara Parents, Janet Mehner, Virginia McCauley & Linda Tufo Mindy Yianilos & Ginger Martin
Michelle Danteisen, Nicole Gargotta, Maria Ramos, Anne Hotte, AnnaFornias & Holly Zisteal Richard French, Suzanne Higgins, Malena Mendez, Anne Hotte - Honoree, Connie Chaney, Ginger Martin & Jaye Abbate Elizabeth Sanjuan, Josie Bacallao, Margaret Delmont-Sanchez &
Sandra K. Booth Lesleen Bolt & Stephen Kellery, Ben & Carol Harrison Commador Lee Krumme, SEATED: bETTY sEDLAK & bETH kRUMME Shelley Goran & Pam Masters
Warren & Jean Tuggle, Marc Duran, Michelle Tuggle & Sam Morrison Anne Bloom & Virginia Maybee Steve Sampier & John Honoree Mary Porter
NOT NECESSARILY IN ORDER IN PHOTO: Seated: Mary Porter - Honoree: Standing: Betty Sedlak, Dick Handley, Larry Rowe, Beth Krume, Lee Krume & Dorothy Kellinger Ann Ahrens, SEATED: Jan Handley - Honoree & Diane Johnson Lt. David Benjamin, Lee Sheffield, Roberta Renee LaBonte & Beth Holland
Beth Holland, President - The Symphony of the Americas Society Beth Holland & Stephen A. Keller Honoree, Jan Handley Rena Fortgang, Renee Smolley, Annette Barth & Jill Rodstein
Belinda Ulbrich & Candy Norton Belinda Ulbric`h, Lisa Scott-Founds & Candy Norton Patricia Zeiler & Carolyn Kupper Catherine Cummings, Renee LaBonte
Elizabeth Sanjuan & Ken Brown Carole Tolomes, Nancy Riererson & Kathy Eggleston Lynn Mandeville, Linda Carter & Jennifer Flannery Josie Bacallao
Josie Bacallao Sandra K. Booth Jan R. Handley Jan R. Handley
Anne Hotte and family KayeLynne Northcutt taking a bow KayeLynne Northcutt Renee L. Smoley
Michelle Tuggle Michelle Tuggle Stephen A. Keller  
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