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March, 24 2008 - Helio Castroneves & YMCA Launch "Building Our Home Campaign"

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Maria C. Alonso, Fred Jackson, Lisa Napier, & Charlotte Donn Dick and Ginger Mead, Karl Salathé Maria C. Alonso, Tom te Riele
Betty and Art Heggen Ed Patricoff, Daniela Fonseca, Bethsaida Giotto, Fernando Craveiro Carlos and Carolyn Jarro Mark and Anne Seiden
Lucy and Francisco Ruiz Marcelo and Adriana Sabino Mike Perez, Jenny Pradera, Ileana Pradera-Armenta, Rodolfo Armenta Laura Geller and Gayle Leslie
David and Arlene Garvin Manny Rodríguez, Jessica Frank, Alfred Sanchez Monica Neves, Alfred Sanchez, Adrienne Arsht, Fred Jackson
Brian P. Mormile, Maria C. Alonso, Gene Schaefer Ginger Mead, Alfred Sanchez, Jean D. Shehan Sandy Baker, Maria C. Alonso, Mary Menzer Sandy Baker and Mary Menzer
Rafael & Vicky Garcia-Toledo, Manny Rodriguez, Pete Garcia Roberto & Maria Elena Sanchez Helio Castroneves, Adrienne Arsht, Romero Britto Gilberto Neves, Romero Britto, Alfred Sanchez
Gilberto Neves, Helio Castroneves, Alfred Sanchez Helio Castroneves and Kati Castroneves Helio Castroneves, Kati Castroneves & Eduardo Asola Steve Shiver, Romero Britto, Cee Shiver
Gilberto Neves Adrienne Arsht, Helio Castroneves, Alfred Sanchez Helio Castroneves Betty Heggen, Art Heggen, Alfred Sanchez, Helio Castroneves
Jean D. Shehan, Kart Salathé, Helio Castroneves Alfred Sanchez, Maria C. Alonso, Brian P. Alonso, Helio Castroneves, Gene Schaefer Alfred Sanchez, Charlotte Donn, Jean D. Shehan, Karl Salathé, Maria C. Alonso, Brian P. Mormile, Kati Castroneves, Helio Castroneves, Carolyn Jarro, Betty & Art Heggen, Gene Schaefer, Gilberto Neves Alfred Sanches, Fred Jackson, Helio Castroneves
Helio Castroneves Helio Castroneves and Adrienne Arsht Helio Castroneves Art & Betty Heggen, Kevin Bolding, Bob Orban
Julian and Romina Nabhen, Jennifer Diliz, Henry Gonzalez Jennifer Diliz and Romina Nabhen Bimbo Coles, Helio Castroneves, Amelie Gagnon Bimbo Coles and Karl Salathé
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