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March, 13 2008 - Women of Style and Substance 2008

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Patrick Sallarulo, Honoree -Laurie Sallarulo & Samantha Sallarulo Raquel, Rick and Rita Case Lisa Scott-Founds, Pam Masters, Honoree - Connie Chaney, Ann Clark and Ginny Fujino
Doug Evans, Betty Sedlak, Angella Morrison and Gus Kein, SEATED: Mary Porter Ruthie Dugan, TerryWither, Teresa Plotkin, Honoree -Laurie Sallarulo, Grace Antonello, Denice Pelloni, Judy Tufts and Laurie's Children Patrick and Samantha Margie Nagle, JoAnne Lewis, Rosemary Zenobia, Ande Mayhue, Honoree - Betty Koontz & Linda Balent Hornoree Anne Ahrens &Bill Sue Engel
Renee Quinn, Lee Sheffield and Donna goldsteain Chair Ann Burris, Rita Case, Teresa Plotkin, and Lisa Scott-Founds Margery Ferraro, Doug Evans, Billie Pierce, Lesleen Bolt, Rose Miniaci, Beth Holland - SOAS President, Anna Rua and Gus Kein, SEATED: Steven Keller Karen Unger, Ron Perkins, Jane Toney and JoAnne Lewis
Hector Perez, Carol Hayward, David Hennis & Laurie Menekou Susan Renneisen, Nicole Fraser & Alyssa Lovitt Ginny Fujino, Pam Masters, Ann Clark, Honoree-Connie Chaney, Lee Sheffield and Lisa Scott-Founds
Susan Renneisen, Renee Quinn, Lisa Scott-Founds, Nicole Fraser & Alyssa Lovitt Paul & Sheley Eichner, Honoree - Mercedes Henrickson & David Brown Honoree - Connie Chaney and family Honoree - Anne Ahrens and sons
Honoree - Anne Ahrens and sons Connie Chaney and daughters Connie Chaney and daughters Connie Chaney and family
Connie Chaney and family Linda Haury and her husband Linda Haury and her husband Merxcedes Henricksson and her husband
Betty Koontz Betty Koontz and family & friends Laurie Sallarulo and her children Laurie Sallarulo and family
Madelyn Savarick and friend Rick and Rita Case    
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