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October 24, 2012 - "Queen for the Day" Benefits Victory Living

Where: Fort Lauderdale Country Club

When: October 24, 2012

Time: 11:00 AM - 3:00 PM

Beneficiary: Victory Living

Host(s): Debbie Day

Gala Chairperson(s): Debbie Day

Executive Director: Bobbi Wingard

Sponsors: VENDORS: Mademoiselle Collections - clothing; Karrie Klimas – Miche Bags; purses and gifts; Kerri’s Krafts – Handmade Holiday crafts --- Kerri works at our Adult Day Training Program and she will be representing the United States at the World Special Olympics in South Korea next year.; Premier Jewelry – presented by Erin Thomas; Tricia Saad - Jewelry: KINGDOM SPONSOR: Premier Beverage - ROYAL SPONSORS: Barbie Doutre & David and Barbara Jay - KING SPONSORS: David & Carrie Schulman & Toni Sexton - PRINCE/PRINCESSES SPONSORS: Nanci Beyer, Doreen Broder, Delberta Brown, Shelley DiCondina, Cindy Dropeski, Kaison Gottlieb, Bill and Mary Lou Grayson - “Queen for the Day” Gift Package provided by: Salon Savvy in Plantation - SPONSORS: KINGDOM SPONSOR: Premier Beverages - ROYAL SPONSORS: Barbie Doutre, David and Barbara Jay - KING SPONSORS: David and Carrie Schulman, Toni Sexton, PRINCE/PRINCESS SPONSORS: Nanci Beyer, Doreen Broder, Delberta Brown, Shelley DiCondina, Cindy Dropeski, Kaison Gottlieb, Bill & Mary Lou Grayson,

Event Coordinator: Bobbi Wigand & Debbie Day

Blacktie Photos by: Ginny,

The Blacktie Photo Gallery is sponsored by:

“Queen for the Day “

Hear Ye, Hear Ye….. Be it known that as of October 24th, 2012, her Royal Highness, Debbie Batts, officially known as “Queen of the Jungle” became Victory Living Programs’ “Queen for the Day”. If, in the event that Debbie cannot fulfill her duties (consisting of nothing), the first runner up, Laurinna Anderson, formerly known as the “Queen of Energizer (as in Bunny)” will resume the prestigious title of “Queen for the Day”.

It was a hard fought victory for “Queen Batts”, with her having to rely heavily on the “swing” vote to finally get the “monkey off her back” from last year when she came out as the “Queen of Bling” but lost to Sylvia Thomas, who was the “Kirby Queen”.

The event which was held at Fort Lauderdale Country Club, benefits Victory Living Programs, a non-profit that assists individuals with developmental disabilities to live and work in their communities. Attendees received a sash in their invites and are encouraged to be creative in decorating the sash so as to be “Queen” of all they love. Some of the other great “Queens” this year were: “Queen of the Jewels- Tricia Saad”, “Queen of the Sun and Moon – Linda Mills”, “Queen of Clean- Susan Drinon”, “Queen of Mars – Monica Correll and her sidekick Marcia the M&M”(who Monica graciously donated later for a silent auction) and of course, last year’s winner made a gallant effort again this year when she joined with her friend Carla Tweeton and came as “Queen of the Tu(Two)lips”.

As the contestants walked the runway, another gorgeous “Queen” – DIVA from Lips read their biography, with perhaps a few ad-LIP comments thrown in for comedic relief. Queen DIVA regaled the crowd with her bright, beautiful flowing orange gown (among others) and her quick wit and charming personality.

This was the second year for this event. Attendance went up from 89 the first year to 108 this year with approximately $7600.00 being raised. The monies will be used to assist in covering the costs of unfunded services to individuals in Victory Living Programs many Programs.

The “Queen for the Day” package was donated by: Salon Savvy in Plantation and Publix Supermarkets donated a Cooking Class for 4 for a live auction.

To learn more about Victory Living Programs, please visit their website:

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