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August 22, 2006 - "I Hear A Symphony" - The Symphony of the Americas

Where: Riverside Hotel

When: Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Time: 11:30 PM - 2:00 PM

Ticket Prices: $40.00 pp

Beneficiary: Symphony of the Americas Society

Host(s): Jane von Rutenberg, Betty Young, KL Northcutt, Veronika Thorne, Jan Amis Jessup & Joe Anne Lewis

Menu: Baby Spinich 7 Asparagus Salad w/Asian Pear & Pineapple; Entree: Mediterranean Chicken Breast, served over couscous with Vegetable Ratatouille; Dessert: Gourment Trio- Key ime Pie, cheesecake & Chocolate Torte

Attire: Business

Blacktie Photos by: Betty Young

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 Symphony of the America's - at The Riverside Hotel
Symphony of the America's - at The Riverside Hotel






The Symphony of the Americas Society is in fine tune as it announced their Social Season’s plans at the “Membership Luncheon” that featured the Election and Installation of Officers at the Riverside Hotel’s “Grill Room”. An exciting 3-course meal, coordinated by the Chef of the Grill Room and Luncheon chairman, Jo Anne Lewis was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone.  Those in attendance were treated to a sneak peek of a lively selection of tango music by the highly acclaimed piano duo of Maria Laura Fagilde & Ricardo Roel who will be the featured entertainment at the “Women of Substance & Style Luncheon”.  While training for their solo careers, the husband and wife team from Argentina discovered that their artistic capabilities complement each other extraordinarily well when they play together as a duo.   Since 1993, they have devoted themselves to transferring the individuality and spontaneity of a solo performance to the piano duet, the only example of two players on the same instrument. They have played at venues and appeared in radio and television broadcasts throughout Argentina and the United States. 


Officers installed include; President, Ann H. Clark, Vice President, Lesleen Bolt; Secretary, Jennifer Roselli, Treasurer, Rene La Bonte; Chairman of Events Group, Tava Latta; Chairman of Publicity, Betty Young; Chairman of Membership Group, Holly Barnes, and Official Ambassador, KayeLynne Northcutt.


Jan Amis Jessup & Ann Clark presented a check for over $75, 000.00 to the Symphony of the Americas.


 Press Release by: Betty Young -Chairman of Publicity -Symphony of The Americas Society






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