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February 26, 2008 - The Opera Society 2008 Divas and Diamonds Luncheon

What: Divas and Diamonds Awards Luncheon

Where: Hyatt Regency Pier Sixty Six, Ft. Lauderdale

When: Tuesday, Februry 26th, 2008

Time: 11:30 AM - 2:00 PM

Mistress of Ceremonies: Kim Naimoli

Honoree(s): Dr. Marietta Glazer, Jan Amis Jessup, Andre Bellevue Mayhue, Nucccia McCormick, Dr. Nell Lewis McGuire, Noorina Mirza, Renee K.Quinn, Liz Wood and Dolores Ziff

Gala Chairperson(s): Kim A. Naimoli

Executive Director: Robert M. Heuer, General Director and CEO

Committee Members: Betsy Bradford, Ann H. Clark, JoAnne Lewis, Janet Mehner, Barbara Parent, Liz Wood, Betty young & David Yuen

President(s): Barbara Lefka

Co-President(s): Carol Harrison - vice President, Ways & Means

Entertainment: Florida Grand Opera Young Artists

Sponsors: Andrea Candela, Premiere Beverage Company, Frank Caballero Jewelry, Helena Caplan, Carol Harrison, Robert Tate, Janet Mehner, Rose Mary Zenobia, JoAnne Richard, Donna Rogers & Mary Ann Stefanelli

Special Thanks: Barbara Lefka, Betsy Bradford, Carol Harrison & Scott Schaefer - Hyatt Regency Pier 66

Blacktie Photos by: Ginny Fujino

The Blacktie Photo Gallery is sponsored by:

"Diva & Diamonds Luncheon"

The Opera Society held their highly successful "Divas & Diamonds Luncheon" at the Crystal Ballroom of the Hyatt Regency, Pier 66. Barbara Lefka, Opera Society President, opened the festivities by introducing the United States Marine Color Guard who provided a Presentation of Colors, followed by Mezzo-soprano Katherine Cakcamuggio, leading the audience in singing the National Anthem.

Cecilia Schieve, Principal coach of the Young Artists, selected a program that began with Katherine Cakcamuggio, singing a rousing rendition of "Diamonds are a Girls Best Friend" that characterized the theme of the event. Katherine, and Tenor Michael-Paul Krubitzer, accompanied by Pedro Yanez, pianist, then continued the program with a medley of songs to entertain the audience.

Carol Harrison, VP of Ways & Means, introduced Robert Heuer, General Director and CEO of the Florida Grand Opera who commended and thanked the committee for their efforts in providing a community based support for opera through hosting events such as the "Diva & Diamonds Luncheon". Kim Naimoli, chairman, Barbara Lefka, president, presented the Honorees with a crystal diamond as they were introduced to the audience. Stunning diamond jewelry, provided by Frank & Joan Caballero graced the honorees as they walked the runway. Honorees are Dr. Marietta Glazer, Jan Amis Jessup, Ande Bellevue Mayhue, Nuccia McCormick Dr. Nell Lewis McGuire, Noorina Mirza, Renée Quinn, and Dolores Ziff. A moment of silence was held for Honoree, Liz Wood, a dearly loved member of our community who unexpectedly passed away.

Highlight of the event was the anticipated presentation of $17,500.00 of jewelry by Andrea Candela one of Italy’s foremost designers, donated by Frank Caballero Jewelers, to members of the audience. The winners squealed with delight upon learning they had won an exquisite piece of jewelry.

Major underwriters of the Divas & Diamonds luncheon were Isabel & Roger Sturgeon, Della Ratta, Commercial Management Company, Sue Genscoy, Rosemary Larson, Ande Bellevue Mayhue and Gibraltar Bank. Other major underwrites were Premier Beverage Co. who donated the wine and champagne for the event and the Hyatt Regency Pier 66 and Scott Schaefer, Dir. Of Catering Who underwrote the "Portrait & Underwriters Party" at the "Pier Top". Other Sponsors and Underwriters included Andrea Candela, Frank Caballero Jewelry, Helena Caplan, Carol Harrison, Robert Trate, Janet Mehner, Rose Mary Zenobia, JoAnne Richards, Mary Ann Stefanelli, Betsy Bradford and Barbara Lefka.

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