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The Coveted Award Will Be Presented to Lady Monica at the Heart Ball on May 30th
        When it comes to international philanthropy Lady Monica Heftler is the perfect example of a Global Humanitarian. And since the American Heart Association is an 80 year-old international
 organization, Lady Monica seemed like the perfect person to receive this award, according to Joanna Palmer, the Heart Ball Director. The award will be presented to Lady Monica at the Heart Ball, which will be held at the Eden Roc Hotel on Miami Beach on May 30th.
        “Lady Monica represents the spirit of a lover of humanity, a woman who cares about the less fortunate and does everything in her power to help them improve their lives. We are honored to bestow the Big Heart Humanitarian Award to her for all she has done for people of all ages throughout the world,” says Palmer.
        Lady Monica was one of the high profile women who posed for publication that features the 26 stunning red gowns designed by top designers around the country and locally that will be auctioned off at the Gala. The publication will be distributed prior to the ball at select venues in Miami, and at the Gala. 
         A longtime resident of Bal Harbour, Lady Monica also has residences in Washington D.C. and Ocean Reef. She is passionate about helping needy people throughout the world. A native of Poland, and educated in Europe, Lady Monica speaks several languages. Sheis a major player in the Galapagos Fund in Ecuador, Innocence in Danger in Germany, World Association of Children's Friends in Monaco, Doctors without Borders in Switzerland, The American Red Cross and Inter-American Economic Council in Washington D.C. 
         Locally, Lady Monica has put a indelible mark on numerous local organizations such as: The Buoniconti Fund to Cure Paralysis, Big Brothers Big Sisters, American Cancer Society, Jackson Memorial Foundation, Project Newborn, Diabetes Love & Hope Ball, Make a Wish, Children Resources and The United Way to name a few.
        At the present time plans are underway for The Lady Monica Cultural Center in Washington D.C., a state-of-the-art facility that will be designed to host cultural, art exhibits, theatrical performances and commercial exhibits. A tribute to a true lady who was Knighted in Rome as an official Order of the Hospitaller Knights of Saint John of Rhodes and Malta, the oldest existing knightly order in the world.
        Lady Monica explains why she has the need to give back to those less fortunate.  She says,” I feel it is a privilege to live in this country, and I also feel it is essential to dedicate my efforts to helping meet the needs of the community, both local and internationally.”
Alice Fisher

A Chat with Lady Monica- courtesy of Alice Fisher
Going back to when you first started with your organization to now, what has been your proudest personal accomplishment?
Being able to help underprivileged and sick children  
What do you enjoy the most about your work?
The friendships that I have made 
Is there a charitable event(s) you really look forward to attending each year?
The United Way overnight cruise to nowhere
What is your greatest strength(s) that makes you such an asset to your organization?
What is your greatest challenge at this time?
Staying healthy and looking good  
What is the most important thing you have learned through the years? 
Patience and tolerance
How do you relax?
Travel and reading
Do you have a favorite vacation spot?
Monte Carlo/Monaco 
What can make you laugh?
Interviews with children. They are so honest 
What is your greatest possession
My Family 
What can make you cry?
Cruelty to animals and children
Are you where you hoped you would be at this point in your life?
What do you still hope to accomplish?
To learn to do the tango
When you were a little girl, what did you say you wanted to be when you grew up?
A princess
What do your want your epitaph to read?
She burnt the candle at both ends
Do you have a motto, or some words of wisdom, that has guided you through your life? 
The best is yet to come
 What word best describes your life right now?
Oh La La!  
What charitable organizations are you involved with at this time?
Too many, but I can’t say No.  
What is your proudest achievement?
Coming to American 
What is something your parents taught you that you will never forget?
When you learn to read books you are never alone
If you were to write an autobiography, what would the title of it be?
You haven’t seen anything yet  
Who is your hero?
Soldiers who protect the freedom of our country
What is your favorite Vacation?
A cruise on the Mediterranean   
What is your favorite sport?
All sports played with “big balls” 
How does the “seasoned” woman compete in a marketplace that is focused on looking and being young?
Pray a lot. 
You are evidently a very capable and talented woman/man, what other talent do you wish you had been born with?
The ability to read people’s minds  
What is your most treasured possession?
My imagination 
What is your favorite restaurant?
The Forge 
What is your favorite room in your house?
My bedroom 
If your house was up for sale, and a potential buyer did a walk through, what would your home say about you?
Zen; happy; glamorous
What is your biggest indulgence? 
my chauffeured limousine
What is your pet peeve?
People who are always late 
What is your greatest strength?
What is your greatest weakness?
What is a moment you will never forget?
Arriving in the United States for the first time. 
Do you have a Fashion Addiction?
White blouses 
What is your biggest fear?
Loss of memory; pain  
What do you like the most about yourself?
Being a good friend  
What do you have to say to all the young women/men out there ready to take on the future? 
Take your time and enjoy the ride 
What is the greatest problem we are facing in this country today?
Disintegration of the family