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Garrett's Story!

It started one afternoon my father presented an article to me of Dr. Pepper doing their annual scholarship competition. I never really believed in big business scholarships, I imagined they were more for show and publicity. I decided to go ahead and participate since you only needed to upload a video stating why you think you deserved to win. I began to make videos but they were horrible and seemed too rehearsed. This led me to canceling the video and just creates a slideshow with my voice speaking in the background. I spoke from the heart on why I thought I deserved it and a few months later, Dr. Pepper called me saying I was one of the finalists that have the chance to win the big prize of $100,000. The flew a friend and I to Atlanta for the 2012 SEC Championship game to go against, I believe 6-7 other students. The competition was to throw footballs into a Giant Dr. Pepper can. Before flying out, I practiced every night for two-three hours with the help of Home Depot and Miami Country Day school.  The time came and there I was, half time on the field going against another student for the chance of $100,000. In my mind it was too much money to not win. So I gave everything I had and the rest is history. If you watch the second video I sent you, you can see me in action and my speech that I gave after winning. 



Garrett's BIO!

Garrett Allen Booker is an Eagle Scout and a junior majoring in Sports Management and minoring in Business & Graphic Design. While attending Barry University, he has made exceptional use of his time. He became a member of the Delta Epsilon Sigma Honor Society, became the 2012 Dr. Pepper Scholarship winner, and received the 2014 Peach of An Athlete Role Model Award recipient (Atlanta, Georgia). Garrett is an involved creative visionary who is also making an impact on making Barry University’s campus a user-friendly environment for students. Garrett has maintained his academic responsibilities while also gaining valuable experiences working for the Miami Heat and the Miami Dolphins, and becoming an active patron of the Arts. He rigorously educates himself with the philosophy of aesthetics and plans to pursue a Masters degree in Business Design at Domus Academy. The stars are bright for this young man.


1. How have things changed for you through the years?

- Well of course, maturing, but I am now fortunate to kind of do what I set my heart out to do. I think anyone has this ability actually. I just realized       anything could be done.


2. What is your idea of perfect happiness?

- As cliché as it sounds, but love. Doing what I love, being around what I love, and having someone to love. That simple.


3. What is the most important thing you have learned through the years?

- To humble yourself and to become selfless.  


4. How do you relax?

- I usually wait till it gets dark outside, and then go find somewhere to sit and look at the stars. The wonder is so great beyond the stars.


5. If you found a treasure chest – and you could keep it, what would you want to be in it?

- Oprah’s personal contact. I look to women for guidance in certain subjects. They’re usually right about everything. I am sure her wisdom is something that could change my life.


6. Is there an inspirational book you have read that you would recommend to others?

- The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho


7. Are you where you hoped you would be at this point in your life?

- So far yes! I have always said I would end up in Florida before knowing who I really was. I told my pops that I would figure out a way to pay for school. Now since I have done some soul searching, it’s exciting to see where I will be next.


8. What do you still hope to accomplish?

- Finalize my endowed scholarship at Barry University. Establish an endowed scholarship with close friends at the University of Memphis, and to present a     few ideas to the Mayor of Memphis’ Innovation Delivery Team. Then continue to learn more about the world to better improve it.


9. How do you want to be remembered by future generations?

- As someone who did what he dreamed. I think it would be refreshing to see someone become successful, give back, and to love. Be someone that is not a major athlete, actor, recording artist, etc., no offense to them of course, because they’ve worked extremely hard for their position. But I know this will motivate people who are not interested in material things and provide a blueprint to follow your dreams, no matter the challenge. I am not sure that is publicized enough.


10. Do you have a motto, or some words of wisdom, that has guided you through your life? 

- NEVER GIVE UP! I refuse to settle.


11. Who is the most interesting person you have ever met?

- Kenneth Garrett, a student at Barry University. He showed me how to develop my voice and to stand for what I believe in. I owe a lot for that.


12. What is your proudest achievement?

- Understanding aesthetics and love. As simple as that sounds, I finally see life in a perspective that creates room for change and opportunities; not only for me, but also for those I come across and can help.


13. How do you stay so motivated and committed?

- The Arts. Whenever I am drained or lost, I retreat to the Arts of all kinds. I also indulge in music. Music is everything.


14. What can we personally do to make things better for future generations?

- Provide a better education beyond the basics. Teach students to dream, to create, and to understand this world and how to be a part of it. For example, I   would have loved to have a class on paying taxes or how to adjust to getting into the real world after college. It is time for the conversation to change.


15. What is the greatest problem we are facing in this country today?

- Lack of imagination and the fear of failure.