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Dolores "Dee" Flynn has been an East Broward Auxiliary member for 16 years

and is the recipient of the R. David and I. Lorraine Thomas Child Advocate of

the Year Award and was honored at the 20th Annual Black Tie Ball "A Night at

the Oscars".  This is the highest honor CHS bestows upon individuals and

groups that have made a significant impact toward improving the lives of

homeless, neglected and abused children throughout Florida. They have not

only given their time, talent and financial resources, but they have also set a

standard of excellence toward ensuring a better world for future

generations.  It was Mr. Thomas’ hope that the award would serve as a

catalyst to inspire others to improve opportunities for Florida’s children.


Dolores "Dee" Flynn
Children's Home Society of Florida
East Broward Auxiliary Member
Recipient of the R. David and I. Lorraine Thomas Child Advocate of the Year for 2010
1)      Proudest personal accomplishment.
                Actually I have several, one was receiving a very touching letter from a little girl at the home in 1996, thanking me for talking to her and giving her some clothes to wear.
                In 2004, I was honored as one of the top volunteers in Broward County and most recently learning I am to be the recipient of the R. David and I. Lorraine Thomas Child Advocate of the Year Award.
2)      What I enjoy most.
                In the sixteen years since I've been volunteering at the I. Lorraine Thomas Children's Emergency Home, it would be my interactions with the children, cooking meals, reading a bedtime story or just spending time letting them know someone cares. I also truly enjoy the camaraderie working with a fabulous group of dedicated loyal and hard working volunteers.
3)      How I determine which charitable organization I support.
                Organizations that assist impoverished families, abused or neglected children, animals, populations that have no voice and are in desperate need, are nearest to my heart. Along with Children's Home Society of Florida, I volunteer with the Coalition to End Homelessness. There are more women with children homeless than ever before. I also help the Humane Society doing mailing.
4)      Charitable Event.
                The East Broward Auxiliary's annual Black Tie Ball to benefit Children's Home Society of Florida. This year will be its 20th Black Tie Ball and the theme is "A Night at the Oscars". The East Broward Auxiliary through the annual ball has raised more than three million dollars and helps to continue our efforts to help the abused, neglected, and abandoned children in Broward County.
5)      Greatest Asset.
                My outspokenness and ability to continue motivating people to support.
6)      How do I get young people interested in charitable giving and community volunteering.
                Parents/mentors setting examples by giving and volunteering themselves with young people by their sides. This seems to be the best incentive as evidenced within my own family with both my children and grandchildren involved.
    It is not difficult to remain motivated and loyal to such worthwhile causes benefitting our most vulnerable population.