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Brian Quail


Boys & Girls Clubs of Broward County (BGCBC)

Brian Quail has more than 34 years of Public/Non-Profit leadership experience. His background includes 22 years in the President/CEO role for United Way, American Red Cross and Boys & Girls Clubs of Broward County (BGCBC). As the President/CEO of the BGCBC, Mr. Quail is responsible for overseeing the operation of 12 freestanding club facilities, serving over 12,500 at-risk youth ages 6-18 annually. He also provides strategic leadership for the BGCBC by working with the Board of Directors and Senior Management Team to establish long-range goals, strategies, plans, and policies. 

Under Mr. Quail’s leadership, BGCBC was recognized by the Florida Partnership to End Childhood Hunger for being the first afterschool program to enact the Healthy Snack & Supper Program in the State of Florida.  Over 4.9 million healthy snacks and meals have been provided since August 2011 to youth who attend the Club.  Mr. Quail was one of five Boys & Girls Clubs professionals nationally to have been selected by Boys & Girls Clubs of America to attend the Harvard Business School Executive Leadership Program.  Under Mr. Quail’s direction, BGCBC has received Charity Navigator’s highest rating of 4 Stars in each of the last seven years.  Only 4% of the non-profits that Charity Navigator evaluates have achieved the 4 Star rating 7 consecutive years in a row.

Mr. Quail earned his BA degree from the University of Massachusetts – Amherst and MA from the University of Chicago.  He lives with his wife Liz and daughter Chloe in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

1.Going back to when you first started with your organization to now, what has been your proudest personal accomplishment?

I’m most proud of the Snack & Supper Program, Saturday Program, KidTrax, and being a data driven organization which is still about providing a safe place for kids.

2.What do you enjoy the most about your work?

No one day is ever the same.

3.What program with your organization do you get the most excited about?

I get the most excited about our Workforce Development Strategy.

4. What is your greatest challenge at this time? 

My greatest challenge is finding ways to get kids from schools to our clubs every day.  Transportation is a real issue and I wish as a community we could figure this out in a better way with the school district and local government entities.  We just need to make this happen!

5. What do you still hope to accomplish?

I wish to reach more kids, more often, to provide a pathway for their future success.

6. Do you have a motto, or some words of wisdom, that has guided you through your life? 

My team and I really focus on the words “Go Big or Go Home”. Meaning we have to think big, take risks and be as focused as we can to serve kids.  In Broward County, over 79,000 children live in poverty; BGCBC is reaching 12,000+ of that number.  We need to keep thinking big because if we don’t, we are not doing our job.

7. How do you stay so motivated and committed?

It is knowing the challenges our members face growing up in households who are trying to make ends meet.  I like being the voice of the 12,000+ kids we serve each year.

8. What is your favorite sport?

I am a real sports enthusiast but I enjoy baseball the most because I played it during my youth.  The Little League World Series each year is my favorite sporting event just seeing kids enjoying the game.

9. What is your favorite restaurant?

Grill 66 is my favorite spot.  My wife and I have been going there for years and we enjoy the staff so much.  We know everyone’s names!

10. What is your pet peeve?

Unmotivated people or those without a passion or curiosity.