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Statement of Purpose: Founded in 1999, the “Friends”, also known as a citizens support organization (CSO) is a 501[C] 3 non-profit corporation whose function is to generate and employ additional resources and support for and in the best interest of Hugh Taylor Birch State Park. This is done through providing special work projects, special events and programs, community outreach programs, educational activities, guided tours and communications, special exhibits, interpretive programs, fund raising activities, purchasing new equipment and supplies, and providing assistance to the park staff with any activity which is designed to meet the additional needs of the park to support the preservation and enhancement of the park’s cultural natural resources.


Address: 3109 East Sunrise Blvd, Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33304
Phone Number: 954.566.0660
Email Address:
Web Site:




Key Personnel: Gale Butler, Executive Director


Founded: 1999