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Monday, August 31, 2020 at 5:30 PM 

5:30 - 9:30 pm - Sustainability: Campaigning to Potential II - Big Gifts and Executive Director Training.


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The complete CNM curriculum is below.  Topic being covered in this session is in green.
LEADERSHIP: Governance/Board Policy & Volunteerism
Are your leaders leading?   This class provides a strong foundation for the
governance and management of nonprofits.  The task of sorting out the roles
and functions of Board members, paid staff and volunteers is essential but
often confusing. By understanding legal and fiduciary responsibilities of
board members you will establish a stable foundation that will better
achieve success.

What “hats” will you wear today? Finally! You have reached the top of the
ladder, and are now Executive Director of a nonprofit organization. What
“Executive Director” hats will you be expected to wear … and under what
circumstances? This class will examine your role in a position for which
few are properly trained or prepared. Sharing experiences with others in
this class, and discovering remedies to common challenges are valuable
tools to strengthen your own unique leadership abilities.

ACCOUNTING FOR TIME & MONEY: Managing Financial Resources
Need Help Navigating the Maze of Rules and Laws?  This class will demystify
the sometimes complicated regulations that all nonprofits must follow in
their financial reports and accounting procedures (FASB 116-117, and SOP
94-3). Vitally important terminology you must know to keep your agency in
the black and out of trouble includes: Sarbanes Oxley rules,
restricted/unrestricted funds, Intermediate Sanctions, quid pro quo, fund
accounting and more.  Also vital is keeping up with the rules for financial
statements and their application to the entire organization.

DISCOVERING TRENDS Through Civic Engagement
Are you prepared for changing landscapes?  There are many threats to the
health of the nonprofit sector that will affect your organization’s future,
from health and tax reform policies to providing more services with less
funding. This class addresses critical issues including statistics,
perception and other myths about nonprofits which you can use to
strategically plan future leadership, operations, advocacy, public
relations, and grassroots lobbying. By examining a wide range of expert
opinions on the changing social and political landscape you will more
clearly position your agency to face an uncertain future.

EVENTS: Marketing & Special Events
Does your target market invest in you?  In the ever-growing field of
nonprofits, it is harder than ever to get a fair share of attention; and
more important than ever to use all the talent you have.  This class
features many best practices that will promote your agency so it stands out
from the crowd. These practical and creative ideas, plus all of your other
resources and volunteers, can form the basis for cost effective and
successful marketing communications and long-term special events.

REVENUE:  Grantwriting Wars & Evaluation
Will you come home victorious from the “grantwriting wars”?  This class
introduces you to innovative, effective and tried-and-true fundraising
strategies aimed at helping your agency reach its goals during even the
toughest economic times. Finding appropriate funders and writing a
compelling proposal are valuable tools and technologies that enable you to
maximize your potential.  When agencies follow the practices of successful
grantwriters they soon learn why some nonprofits are victorious, while
others are left in the dust.

SPONSORSHIP -  Campaigning to Potential, Part I: Fundraising
Is your short-term fundraising producing results?  This class provides a clear understanding of the political realities of raising money and gives you the tools to look strategically at the “bread game,” separate myths from reality, analyze fundraising options, and develop a viable fundraising plan.

 SUSTAINABILITY - Campaigning to Potential, Part II - Big Gifts
Is your long-term fundraising producing results?  This eye-opening class
gives you a clear understanding of the process of soliciting the “big gift”
from individuals, corporations and foundations, and completing your
development strategies for a viable fundraising plan.

HUMAN RESOURCES: Staffing & Volunteers
Are you using “people power”?  To accomplish your organization’s mission,
you must make effective use of the energy, time and talents of your
employees and volunteers.  This involves attracting, training and retaining
qualified staffers, both paid and unpaid. Of vital importance is to provide
a safe and productive work environment, review Board-approved employment
policies and follow applicable employment law.

Are you ahead of or behind the curve?  This class helps identify and define
the intellectual property you may not know your nonprofit has. With this
information, you can develop methods to maximize its institutional
knowledge. Stay up to date as existing technologies become obsolete, and
new ones are developed. Control your valuable resources by sorting out
opportunities and weighing their benefits. Working smart will make you more
proficient and efficient … even savvy!  By using apps, software, freeware,
and social networks -- which are often free or discounted for nonprofits --
you can leverage your financial resources.

PLANNING: Power Vision & Strategic Thinking
How powerful is your nonprofit?  This class reinforces the idea that “great
accomplishments are always accompanied bygreat vision.” The blueprint for
this method provides innovative ideas to turn organizational strength and
vision into a strategic plan. Each step in your plan must be reviewed and
the resources to make it work must be identified to ensure long-term
success for your organization.

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